what i'm reading (august 2005)

i love books. summer is a great time to partake (since i'm probably somewhere hiding from the sun anyway!) so many people are asking me what i'm reading, so i figured i'd put them all out there!

Les Miserables (Victor Hugo)
i've wanted to see the musical forever, and it looks like this fall i'll actually have a chance! of course, i can not have the book experience marred in any way, so i'll be finishing this puppy before October 6!

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (JK Rowling)
i've seen the movie, and yes, i realize i'm doing it contrary to how i like to do things, but at least i've held off on seeing the other movies until i can get the books under my belt. there's nothing like being transported to a place that can never exist. i hope i never outgrow my love of children's books!

Searching for God Knows What (Donald Miller)
Donald Miller is a superb writer. in the Laundromat this morning i read a chapter of this book, and simultaneously was tranported back to my grade school days and convicted in my present day life. if you haven't read any of his work, i would be remiss to not mention that before you start working on this puppy, you need to read 'Blue Like Jazz'. you won't be sorry.

The Barbarian Way (Erwin McManus)
i've never been a fan of neatly packaged, pretty Christianity. it would appear that Erwin is not either. it's a small book, but packed with greatness.

Rumors (Philip Yancey)
i don't think i've ever actually finished one of Philip Yancey's books, for one reason or another. but that fact notwithstanding, i'm beginning another one. something about "grappling honestly with major life questions" has me intrigued. i'll keep you posted! :-)

The Tipping Point (Malcolm Gladwell)
this book has been as enjoyable as i had hoped it would. the real-life examples of how little things, little changes can make a world of a difference are stellar. social epidemics have never been so fascinating!

The Lonely Planet Guide to Experimental Travel
on my last trip to calgary to visit the family, mom bought me this book when they dropped me off at the airport. the cover appealed to me initially (i'm such a sucker for a good marketing idea!), but the book is a gem. it's loaded with idea for travel of many different kinds. i can't even get started here, i won't stop.

The Power of Full Engagement (Jim Loehr & Tony Schwartz)
earlier this month i attended the willow creek leadership summit, and one of the speakers (Jim Groppel) talked about the concept of managing energy rather than time in an effort to gain control of "life". this book is a more in-depth look at what he spoke of. now if only i can put some of this great stuff in action!


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