all is calm...

it's 5am on christmas morning, and like a reflection of the child i once was, i am wide awake. while the cause of today's awakeness is jetlag, my childhood insomnia was caused by nothing other than pure excitement; excitement at having gramma & grampa over, about seeing meme & pepe & visiting with cousins i hadn't seen in months...but mostly excitement about what lay under the tree, especially those with my name on it!

on some level, i think i've always believe that in many, or even most instances, the gift that someone takes the time to give to you reflects how they see you, what they see of you from an outsider's point of view. and, at least for me, i think it's always good to know how you are being viewed.

sometimes it's quite obvious, as is evidenced by the many Paris & Starbucks gifts that i have received over the past few years. [not to mention the many 'princess' notepads and, most recently added to the collection, mug that have come my way! :-)] sometimes i'ts not so obvious, and only those closest to you could ever possibly have seen it. this is one of the reasons why i am reticent to give christmas lists. somehow it almost seems like telling someone how to see me.

anyone who lives in north america knows that the real meaning of christmas easily gets muddied down to a gift exchange, and like even the best of relationships, we as individuals need to work at keeping the focus where it remains to be. how many times have we heard 'he's the reason for the season' or 'keep the Christ in Christmas.' as annoying as it is, if it weren't true, there would be no need for maddening cliches!

but this morning, i am riding this train of thought to a different stop. if i am bold enough to think that the gifts given to me by those who love me are reflections of how they see me, then does it not follow that both the gifts i give to Jesus, and how i spend his birthday reflect how i see him?

sobering thought. today may my life reflect the love, sacrifice and willingness to leave a place of honor and comfort to serve others that i see in him. and may it continue tomorrow...

happy birthday, Jesus


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