of all the reading i did before i left for paris, there was one constant, and that was that the tea room angelina was somthing not to be missed. so being the compliant traveler i am, on thursday afternoon i made my way over to 226 rue de rivoli, to what has to the most beautiful restaurant i've ever been in.

on my way over, i stopped at (of course) a shoe store, and when i told the clerk that i was headed to angelina, she added her opinion that the hot chocolate was something not to be missed.

so i sat down, and as i hadn't eaten lunch, i ordered a chicken sandwich first, with the african hot chocolate to follow for dessert. my waiter asked if i wanted anything else for dessert, but i figured that i would see how i felt after what was supposed to be the most incredible hot chocolate in the world.

well, the chocolat arrived in a little white carafe, with a small cup & a bowl of whipped cream on the side....and being the experiential person that i am, i was already taken, and hadn't had a sip yet. i could try to express just how good, how moving, how unbelievable this hot chocolate was, but mere words can never adequately convey the reality.

i attempted to force myself to finish it all, as who knew when such glory would come my way again...but i was unable to do it.

just another reason that paris is indeed the greatest city in all of the civilized world.


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