at a loss

over the past seven days, since arriving home from Ukraine, i have sat down at my computer no less than six times, with an aim to write about the trip. frustratingly, every one of those times, i have felt completely inadequate and at a total loss to do what i am feeling and what i experienced justice.

so many people have asked me how the trip was, and to merely say that it was a good trip, or even a great trip would be like saying, when asked to describe the eiffel tower, that it is brown. but to expound, to try to encapsulate the essence of this trip, is, at this moment, not quite a possibility.

we only did five school presentations, less than even our first year in Poland. there was opposition, which made the week very definitely unboring. the people of Ukraine are beautiful, whether we are talking about our hosts who were with us all week, the students who so graciously dropped everything in their week to join our drama team, or the students in the schools themselves.

the trip was filled with laughter, the beginning of friendship, the understanding of close friends, seeking God-- together and individually, and the knowledge that we were presenting, both on stage and with our lives, the fact that life is so much more than those students may have ever realized.

i'm ready to go back.


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