how does the time go by so fast?!

it seems as though it was only yesterday that i was struggling to fit everything into two suitcases, and now here i am with those very suitcases emptied onto my bedroom floor, their contents now piles of laundry to be done. how different it all looks from this end.

the reality is that life goes on. after ukraine...after paris...it's time to go back to the life that was. but not quite the same. the day before i left we found out that mom has cancer. what strange words to type...my mom has cancer. it almost feels as though i am channeling someone else's thoughts, as surely this is not my reality.

although it is.

but even in what seems like the darkest of times, there are moments of brilliance. a friend who just wants to sit with you. the gift of international phone calls. prayers from two different continents. the heritage of laughter. new friends. old friends.

the only thing we can count on in life is that there is nothing we can truly count on...except God. life, at it's best, is consistenly inconsistent. sometimes all we can do is have faith and believe when the last thing we want to do is have faith and believe.


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