it's happened again...

quite unexpectedly, at some point this weekend, it happened again. i should be surprised that it's taken so long, but then again, a lot has gone on in my life in the past 39 days. but right now, for this moment all is quiet in the world.

what is it, you might wonder...?

i want to go back to paris.

now, before you roll your eyes & say 'what else is new?', let me say that for a while, i was happy to let last month's trip live contentedly in my memory. i was so tired and so sick while i was there, and i had no desire to return to feeling that drained and icky. but now that the illness has passed, now that i've gone to calgary to visit the family, now that the cruel reality of summer is right around the corner, NOW i want to go back to my ultimate Happy Place.

but here i am. so NOT in paris, but home nonetheless.

contentedness is such a tricky thing.


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