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i used to do a lot more crafty kinds of things at home, especially back in the days when i worked in a credit union. it makes sense that creative energy needs to find a way to express itself, and that certainly wasn't happening when dealing with money, so i spent much free time sewing, cross-stitching, etc.

then i started working as a graphic designer, and everything changed.

being creative every day meant that when i came home at night, the last thing on earth i wanted to do was attempt to be creative yet again. my poor sewing machine can attest to that. it's been years since i have done more than dust him off.

but lately, my job has required a bit less of the creative, design work, and more communications, web work, leaving me with more creative energy when i get home than previous years.

so i've started making felt ornaments, and having way too much fun doing so!

this little bird i made last night, he is way too cute, and i think that he needs to have some similar, although differently colored friends really soon.

this goldfish may be my most favorite of all i've created. he was definitely time-consuming, with all his scales, but gosh, he turned out cute!

everything but this gingerbread man was made from patterns from a book called Fa La La La Felt, which i recently picked up. but this guy i drew and designed on my own.

and finally, these little partridges were the first ornaments i attempted, and i still think they are delightful.

it's actually relaxing, making them as i watch television at night... although my living room looks a bit like a kindergarten craft table.

it's a sacrifice i'm willing to make.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! They are so adorable. I love the fish. He must have taken awhile, but he is so cute. The silver icicle behind the blue partridge looks somehow familiar. Hmmm. The gingerbread man is so cute, too. Can't believe you didn't have a pattern for him. Makes me want to put up a tree right now.

Anonymous said...

Each one of your ornaments is lovely, Suzi, but the gingerbread man is my personal favourite. Maybe you should dream up more patterns from your highly creative brain. They will all be winners for sure.

I started listening to Christmas music in October. I wonder when I'll be tempted to unpack the decorations. Hmm ... You are an inspiration.


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