Happy April!

I love April...

...and not just because it is my birthday month.

Although late fall is my favorite season, there is something magical to me about this month.

Have you ever read Rosamunde Pilcher's beautiful book, September? She writes about what is obviously her favorite month {not to mention her birthday month} with so much love and passion, one would almost actually the believe there to be golden light shining down on Scotland during September.

Well, if i ever wrote a book about my favorite month, I would hope that my readers would believe that in April the atmosphere has a pinkish, sparkly tinge to it, and everywhere you turn, the faint smell of cherry blossoms.

All this to say, I couldn't be happier that April has finally arrived.

Happy April!

{If you want to use the balloons as your computer's desktop, simply click on it and 'save as'.}


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