happy birthday to my favorite hardy boy

today is shaun cassidy's 47th birthday. i was so in love with him for most of my childhood. the good old days. before the glorious inventions known as vcrs & dvds. i lived for sunday nights, when shaun and his semi-hot older brother parker stevenson saved the world as the hardy boys. having to go to church at night was a cruel, cruel sacrifice...and my parents didn't get warm, happy feelings about leaving their nine year old daughter home alone, so i went along. to get me by, until the next week (while i prayed daily that we would not go to church the next sunday night) i had every record shaun ever made, even one of his older half brother (in reality), david cassidy's.

sigh. and today he's celebrating his 47th birthday. i don't even want to know what he looks like today. i prefer to think him as he was. i wonder if he knows i'm still waiting for him. :-)


Angie said...

yes shaun is cute...but his brother david is MUCH cuter...

Esther said...

Suzie, I think that's a great picture of you!!!


PS. I know that you don;t have a copy of Howard Park's 1984-5 Directory but my picture is in there with the same hairstyle as Shaun's.

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