this morning, i had local buffalo news on while i was waiting for the Today Show to start, and this (annoying) reporter was talking to a group of kids who were excited for their last day of school. two of them were heading into middle school in september, and the (annoying) reporter asked these two if they were afraid.

the boy answered immediately 'no' and looked at her as if she was insane. the girl, however, when asked the question, took a second. it appeared that she had never given the fact that starting a new school would be something that you would be afraid of. she looked around a bit, and then answered 'yes'.

after all, if someone older who has already been there asks if you are afraid, surely there is something to be afraid of. i would like to think that this girl will disregard the (annoying) reporter's words, but given the look on her face, i think it's more a reality that today is the beginning of a couple of months of apprehension before she begins her new school. and once she gets used to all that 'fun' worrying, there will be more on the other side. worry is not an easy habit to kick.

what madness that we so freely project our fears onto children.


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