happy august!

how happy am i that it is august? how immensely excited am i that i put the months of september & october in my planner today? how incredibly tired am i of heat & humidity? the answers to all these questions are off the charts. and i don't even care anymore how many death threats i get for this...I WISH IT WAS FALL!!

i've never been good at the whole waiting thing, or, to be honest, the whole concept of patience. the act (or seeming 'nonact') seems like just so much procrastination & laziness. but i am slowly learning just exactly what kind of hard work waiting really is. it's not passive. it's not lazy. quite the opposite.

it is remaining where you need to be when all you want to do is run away. it's taking the time to grow and prepare for what will one day come, without the promise of knowing when that day will come. it's actually believing that the elusive day will indeed come, when all you can see around you is the same thing you saw yesterday...two weeks ago...last year...

maybe, waiting is even more draining than moving. perhaps that explains my tiredness.

good night.


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