a theory

i have some theories about life. some of you have heard them from time to time.

the most popular being the Happy Plane/Sad Plane theory, which basically says that any plane taking off from Pearson Airport is a happy plane, and therefore i wish to be on it, and any plane landing is, of course, a sad plane, since it means that the journey would be over.

on my way to work this morning, i looked up, expecting to see some happy plane on its way to some ambiguous happy place, when i saw that it was a Zoom Airline plane...the same airline that i flew to paris last year. it reminded me that i am not going to paris this year, but also brought up the tension we sometimes feel between joy and happiness.

i'll have to write more on this thought later, as the difference between the two is more complex than happy/sad plane difference.

just so you know, though, it is 17 degrees and cloudy in paris today. not that i'm keeping track.


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