things i am thankful for...



football (especially the fact that UM won & MSU lost yesterday...sorry derek).

paris...and the part of me that permanently resides there.

my little people (all of whom i miss dearly today).

the rest of my family (whom i miss as well).

friends, the ones i see every day and the ones i don't see near enough.


'miracle on 34th street' and other movies that lift my spirits.

books that change my way of looking at the world.

pumpkin pies that turned out perfectly.


the small mercy to learn from a mistake.

fluffy pillows.

the desire to grow and be more.

that i got to shop with gram one last time.

that i don't have everything i thought i wanted.

that i don't have everything i still think i want.


LeAnn said...

Thank you for such a beautiful entry! I've often thought that I need to sit down and list all the things for which I am thankful. I never find (or, shall I say, make?) the time.

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