at small group last night we were talking about why it is so difficult to actually pick up and read our Bibles with any kind of regularity. and when the question, 'why is this so difficult' was posed, there really wasn't an answer that emerged.

this has left me with somewhat of a 'splinter in my mind' {the matrix}, while not quite driving me mad, it is causing me to wonder exactly why it is that it is so difficult to be consistent. seriously, it's not like we are hopeless people who don't hold down jobs, pay our bills, have relationships, and do what we need to to be part of our world. and we all believe that reading God's word and prayer are vital to being the people we are called to be.

so, the question remains, why?

while not discounting the spiritual {"we fight not against flesh and blood..."}, i well know that far too often the biggest obstacle to my own spiritual growth is me. degrees of laziness and procrastination. other things perceived as more exciting to read or watch. an overcrowded schedule and perpetual tiredness. the list goes on...

it's easier to look for a solution when you fully understand the problem...which is probably why this is still bothering me. in the past year i've taken different steps... buying the books of the Bible, embracing different spiritual disciplines, etc., and while these have changed, and continue to refine me, this question still remains.

why do you think these things are so difficult?
what do you do to 'keep the romance alive' in your relationship with God?


Lynnie said...

Why indeed. Sheesh I wish I knew. Throw in a husband and kid in the mix and well, I'm not doing too well myself. Although lately I have had a hunger that I haven't had in a long time. Hopefully this is the start of something! I really miss those quiet times when it's just me and God. They are few and far between these days - something I really hate to admit, but it's true. Thanks for your post! Just another reminder that I desperately need.

Anonymous said...

Well, wish I had an answer but since attending BSF (Bible Study Fellowship), I am required to read a specific scripture everyday to answer questions, so this makes me read my bible daily. And of course, when I have a need, guess what I read, yep, God's word. Thankfully God isn't ever too busy for me!!!


Anonymous said...

Definitely the biggest obstacle to my spiritual growth is me. Seems like it is somewhat cyclical. During those times when I've been more consistent, I've been blessed with knowing God more and seeing Him more in my life, which makes me crave time with Him, as well. Likewise, when (more often in my life)I'm not consistent, I am short-sighted and fail to see Him in my circumstances. Not that I always see Him and His purposes (His ways are far beyond understanding) but at least my perspective is more eternal and not so temporal, which gives me hope. Wish I had an answer, too. Maybe my shortsightedness and impatience sometimes leaves me looking at those I can see physically before me, which sadly amounts to a lack of faith. Need to "fix my eyes on what is unseen" 2 Cor 4:18.

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