i've sat here at my computer for almost an hour now, hoping to write something.

during the last 60 minutes i have:
  • checked my email.
  • thought about going to bed.
  • checked out three new blogs.
  • thought about cleaning my kitchen.
  • looked at the two books sitting on my desk, wishing i were awake enough to read.
  • checked my email again.
  • thought about going to bed again.
  • started writing this.
  • made sure i had all the necessary ingredients for a pumpkin pie.
  • fixed numerous spelling mistakes.
it's been an eventful although not productive hour, but when one is as tired as i seem to be, i don't think there is much hope to actually accomplish anything.

so, i will end this post with voltaire's only too true words:
"one always speaks badly when one has nothing to say."


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