to give thanks...

...for scarves, and the weather to wear them.

...for turkey and prime rib dinners, and the friends who invited me to share them.

...for my family, who while knowing and {relatively} understanding me, still choose to love me.

...for bath & body works' sweet cinnamon pumpkin.

...for the fact that we've made it this far into a year that has been so hard.

...for books, and their authors, and the places they take me to, geographically, spiritually and emotionally.

...that even though i always want to be somewhere else, i know exactly where that somewhere else is. {11 rue des ecoles, paris, france, 75005}

...for a friend, who even though her own thanksgiving day is still two months away, wished me a 'happy thanksgiving.'

...for black & white toile.

...for coffee and creme brulee {together or separately}.

...for all that is unsettled within me, and how it reminds me that this is not my final destination, and to not get too comfortable here.


alicia said...

...for friends. The ones who will give up an evening to help me mark French quizes, the ones with whom I can truly be me, and the ones who will listen with no judgement.

...for the fall colour palette; the trees, the sunrises, the sunsets.

...for life's little adventures; trying a new restaurant, making sushi, riding a really big roller coaster.

...for getting to the other side of a really uncomfortable place and being able to look back and see how far I've come.

...for pumkin spice lattes, crisp fall air, the smell of baking cookies, overstuffed chairs, fun rain boots, old photo albums, cheesecake, and body combat class ;)

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