everything or nothing?

after our discussion on a Christ follower's responsibility to be good stewards of our planet as well as care for the souls of those living on it, i have to wonder, with all the worthy causes and needs out there, how does one sanely decide what their part will be?

do you ever feel like caring for one thing, be it shoes, clean water or whatever, means that you have to care for EVERYTHING? it seems, at least in my life, when i start to feel like i need to do everything, it becomes far too easy to do nothing.

how do you decide what gets your time, energy and money?


michelle said...

I have no sweet clue! Interesting that you would decide to blog on this topic, as it's something that has been on the forefront of my mind the past couple of days! I think we allow ourselves to do nothing, as we become increasingly discouraged with the expectation that we do everything, when really all God asks of us is to do SOMETHING. But what exactly is that something?

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