i am almost finished my laundry for another week.

the previous sentence was said with much glee, because in a few moments, when i go get the last of my clothes out of the dryer and put them away, i will pick up my book, a wrinkle in time, head to my freshly made bed, and try with all my might not to fall asleep before i finish the book.

in saturday's post i mentioned that i finally picked up madeleine l'engle's walking on water, a book i've had forever but never got into. in it, the author talks about her children's book, a wrinkle in time, and since it, too was on my shelf, on saturday night, i picked it up...and whenever i have had time since, i have been unable to put it down.

she really was the most brilliant writer... i feel a distinct sadness that i did not fall in love with her writing while she was still alive.

i found this quote at thinkexist.com, and although i do not know which of her works this comes from, i am inspired, nonetheless.

she seems to have had the ability to stand firmly on the rock of her past while living completely and unregretfully in the present.

whoever 'she' is, i do not know, but what i do know is that this is how i want to live my life.


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