last night, as i was listening to my almost three thousand iTunes songs randomly, a Christmas tune came on, and made me excessively happy.

september has always been my time to start listening to Yuletide tunes, but this year, with beginning Christmas projects in July, i started early. it's so much easier to get into the season while surrounded by its music.

when do you start listening to Christmas music?


AJ Martin said...


I can't stand it! It's the same songs every year! And it's always so pretty. I want more raw music.

I like TSO and the Relient K albums though.

Alicia said...

I usually start around November 25th. I don't like to get into the spirit too early because otherwise I start forgetting my responsibilities leading up to the holidays.

Anonymous said...

I pull out the occasional Christmas cd every now and then. Last month, I pulled out a couple Christmas cds to enjoy. I find, sadly, that over the holidays I am sometimes so busy preparing for visiting family/hosting gatherings that I don't get the chance to really enjoy the music, which I love! Usually, our Christmas cd collection takes up residence in our cd player around Thanksgiving, just in time for all the baking fun.

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