i've been trying to write a blog post since friday...

...but i have discovered that it is extremely difficult to write when your heart is breaking.

my 4-year old nephew Jayden is sick.

friday, after he woke up unable to walk, the doctors at the calgary children's hospital found that he has tumors—most notably two on his spine.

after efforts to try to shrink them, unless the little guy moves his legs soon, they will be doing surgery to remove some of the bone in his spine at 9:00 pm eastern time tonight.

being so far away really sucks. every bit of news that makes it here is bad, so right now we NEED some good news. Jayden needs something to go right, to be good.

who am i kidding? we all do.


please pray...


Anonymous said...

Oh, Suzi, I just read this post and my heart breaks for you and your family. We will definitely pray for little Jayden. What a sweetheart he is!

I'm just reading the last of the Red Gloves series by Karen Kingsbury. Have you read them? Four wonderful small books, all about Christmas and great answers to prayer. The theme running through the series is: "Christmas miracles happen for those who believe." I would extend this and say, "Miracles happen every day for those who believe."

We will believe with you for Jayden's healing and fully rely on the hope and love we have in Jesus. He will carry all of you through these very difficult days.

Love, prayers and hugs,
Hilda xo

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