Who holds my hand {#247-258}

For I, the Lord your God, hold your right hand; it is I who say to you, 'Fear not, I am the one who helps you.' {Isaiah 41:13}
There are times, when looking at certain situations in my life, that the overwhelming emotion is one of hopelessness.

A bad habit to overcome.

Situations well beyond my control.

Good changes that never seem to stick around for more than a few days.

Somehow, I get it into my head that if I only try harder, then it will all work out. That it will mean more if I can do it myself, and then bring it to God to show Him that He is right in loving me, because I am not a total failure.

And to make things worse, the harder I try, the bigger and grander failure and disappointment seems to be... and the more alone it all makes me feel.

And then I come across a verse like Isaiah 41:13, and am reminded that I was never supposed to go it alone. I once again remember Who it is who holds my hand, and when He whispers, 'Don't be afraid, I am here to help you', it is not a reprimand, but a reminder of truth. And that I was never meant to do it all on my own, but rather to walk with my God, who wants me to trust him.

I need to remember Who holds my hand...

* * * * *

Today I am thankful for...

247:: He who holds my hand.

248:: that Jayden's bedsore is healing!

249:: butternut squash pasta with butternut squash pasta sauce. pure yum...

250:: a brand new jar of sweet pickles.

251:: a super comfy Roots chair to take a Sunday afternoon nap in.

252:: my beautiful, beautiful niece, Megan.

253:: that there are only 74 days left until I get on a plane to go to my happy place.

254:: books, and the ability to read.

255:: living so close to the GO station, making trips to downtown Toronto so very easy.

256:: emails that make me smile.

257:: a job that I love!

258:: that every day is a new chance to trust God more.


Carrie said...

New visitor from A Holy Experience! I loved your post, the Bible verse and your list! So beautiful. Yes, placing trust is so powerful, so humbling. I look forward to returning next week!

Stefanie Brown said...

Visiting from Multitude on Mondays.
Love, love, love #247! I, too, am thankful He holds my hand ~ always, through everything!
Have a blessed day!
PS... I'm a new follower :)

BARBIE said...

Visiting from Ann's place today! I love your list. Life is a journey of leaning on God and learning to trust. Have a blessed Monday!

Alyssa said...

{from Ann's} Keep holding on to his strong hand. #249 sounds amazing!

Anonymous said...

Hey Suzi! Glad to hear the butternut squash sauce was delectable. Wish I'd brought some home, too.

Thanks for this reminder, Suzi. Really needed this today. Not walking alone, not expected, too, but with the God of all possibility!

Amy Sullivan said...

Stopping by from Ann's!

#250? And now I like you!

"Situations beyond by control" are always tough for me. I like to think I give things up to God, but really I hold on with both hands.

Nice meeting you.

HopeUnbroken said...

beautifully written. . .

Playing Sublimely said...

A girl in progress...I love that! Me too :)

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