this morning, while i was chopping green onions for tuna salad, i caught a bit of news that seems a bit outrageous. apparently elton john is playing in sudbury, and when the tickets went on sale, city councillors got the first crack to buy tickets.


do you see the tragedy here? i'm still waiting for it to sink in, but all i can think of is 'Who Cares?!' they are concert tickets! perhaps if they were releasing the cure for AIDS or handing out a million dollars, then i could see the tragedy here.

seriously, people, find something bigger to get angry about. abuse. hunger. poverty. true injustice. then perhaps you won't mind paying for the cheap seats, while you know that the bulk of your money is going to something that will actually bring change.


now, if one of those sudbury city councilors tried to cut ahead of me in line at starbucks...


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