apparently, when the teachers in our small group are away, we are a terribly unruly group... but it makes for a very entertaining evening!

tonight we talked for a bit about if it is even possibly to be madly in love with God. we've all heard Jesus' words as he quoted the book of deuteronomy, saying, 'love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength.' but the actual doing of this is where most of us get lost. no one wants to be labeled a crazy christian, one with no seeming grasp on reality, no clue how to relate with people who don't speak the same 'language', the ones we would cross the street to avoid.

but our fear of crazy doesn't absolve us from the call to love our God with everything in our lives. maybe we need to be a little less conscious of the crazy, and a little more purposeful with the love.

i love you, gentlest of ways,
who ripened us as we wrestled with you.

you, the great homesickness we could never shake off,
you, the forest that always surrounded us,

you, the song we sang in every silence,
you, the dark net threading through us,

on the day you made us you created yourself,
and we grew sturdy in your sunlight...

let your hand rest on the rim of heaven now
and mutely bear the darkness we bring over you.
~ranier maria rilke


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