as of the end of the day yesterday, we're halfway done a short work week. sometimes i question whether short weeks are even worth it, given the fact that there is so very much to do in the remaining days... but who am i kidding? i'll take the occasional holiday celebrating the Queen, or anyone else.

it seems to me, though, that short weeks with the friday off are much more preferable to those with the monday as the holiday. for some reason, the workload doesn't seen so heavy when you have the incentive of the coming free time, instead of the memory of the day you already had.

this train of thought has brought me back to the reason i am a big fan of journaling: that memory is a fickle, fickle thing. we have this gift of memory that could allow us to remember all of the amazing things that happen in our days, and for the most part, we end up dwelling on the sucky things in life. instead of being thankful for a day off, i only see everything i need to do because of it. while i would like to remember encouraging words spoken to me, the ones that i can recall instantly are the hurtful ones. instead of thinking of a good day spent with a friend, i see a transport truck's wheel try to drive over us.

without help, our memories tend to gravitate to the negative.

which is what makes remembering so important. writing down the good things. choosing to look beyond the hurt and negative and deciding to see that just because there were negative aspects to something, it doesn't always mean the whole thing is negative. celebrating what is worth celebrating, and discarding that which you cannot alter.

...and it also means that on the thursday morning of a short week, with victoria day behind me, that i will choose to be joyful in all that comes my way today.


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