vacation: days three to six

day three: monday
i started the first weekday of my vacation with a glorious mani/pedi. it really is too bad that each day cannot begin that way, but i guess that is part of what makes it so special when it does happen. the rest of the day was spent doing errands, and some pretty unimportant stuff. until i got a phone call at 9pm, and ended up going out for coffee with a friend, and while we were at starbucks, we had the thought that perhaps the new italian restaurant in streetsville was still open and we could get some panna cotta. but alas, the panna cotta was sold out, so we had to *settle* for the tiramisu, which was spectacular!

day four: tuesday
it was a dark and stormy day, so i stayed home and did laundry. i won't bore you with any pics.

day five: wednesday
fun day! i went downtown toronto, a happy place of mine, and saw The Sound of Music musical. the set design was spectacular, what a fantastic job that would be. it was everything i had guessed it would be, although i have to admit i was surprised that there were some lines straight out of the movie that people laughed as though it was the first time they'd heard it. is it possible that so many people have not seen the movie?

then i walked up john street, and as i entered the park behind OCAD, i saw this church.

and, of course, the OCAD building. how could one walk past this without a photo?

then, i spent a delightful couple of hours at the Art Gallery of Ontario, which, if you didn't know, is free after 6pm on wednesdays. as i've mentioned before, even though they were few, the presence of the work of van Gogh and Rodin really do make me feel more whole.

then, after walking among the world of art, i sat outside for a bit, and let the world pass me by.

day six: thursday
today was the one day i had something responsible to do, a doctor's appointment in milton. chris let me use his car, so on my way back to deliver his car back, i stopped and got lunch, and had lunch at the church. after that, we went to etobicoke to pick up something, wandered a while around the Apple store at Sherway Gardens had unbelievably good Godiva Chocolixer (not quite as good as Angelina's africaine chocolat, but close), and then went across the street to Chapters to pick up, in my estimation, the one necessity for life: books.


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