it has been way too long since i've written. as i sat in my doctor's waiting room this afternoon, i was filled with guilt over my poor, neglected blog.

unfortunately, times of sickness and busyness {the busy preceded the sick} it seems that the creative part of my life is what takes the hardest hit.

so, i figured i would take a few moments before the cough medicine-induced sleep claims my already muddled brain, and let you know what has been happening...

  • my friends, kyle & beth, got married..
  • i laughed myself silly over these cards, especially this one.
  • in the middle of reading the divine commodity, which is challenging the way i look at life.
  • lost my voice.
  • our new church website went live this week.
  • my parents celebrated their 44th wedding anniversary on july 1.
  • i leave for poland in 23 days.
that's all i've got for now. i really must sleep. just know that i'm still here, and i promise i'll be better at the consistency thing.

good night!


Lonnie said...

Shouldn't any book titled "The Divine Commodity" at least be available as a free download?

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