last week i was talking with a friend about the Lord of the Rings movies. among other things we were sharing our favorite parts.

one of my favorite parts is at the beginning, when the four hobbits go to bree to meet gandalf at the inn of the prancing pony. they arrive, having narrowly escaped capture, only to discover that gandalf is not there. while waiting in the pub, frodo notices a man sitting in the shadows. he is hooded, and the only thing frodo can tell, is that the man with the ominous eyes is looking directly at him.

if you haven't seen the movie, i won't ruin it for you. {also, if you really haven't seen the movie, stop reading this, go get it & watch it now!} but remembering this scene reminded me of the first time i saw it. i didn't know who this dangerous ranger was, only that there was, indeed danger. but the thought made me a little sad, in that no matter how many times i have since watched the movie, i have never again felt how i did the first time a saw it.

the first time we experience anything, there is wonder and purity, and maybe a little fear. but these are all good things. our firsts open us up to the fact that no matter how old or experienced we are, there are still things to learn and be amazed by.

the problem is, as grown ups, with our busy, busy lives, we do not tend to pay attention to the firsts we encounter every day, and even less time to experience the wonder.

the first time we meet a new friend. read a book. visit a place. hear a piece of music that moves us unexpectedly. try something different.


my prayer for you today is that you would be present for all the wonder-filled first moments of your day. don't do the usual rush from one thing to the next. open your eyes, take the time, and experience all that this day has for you.


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