favorite things: vacation edition

my recent vacation to NYC introduced me to some new favorite things, and reminded me of others. to start with, let me say that New York itself has rapidly become a favorite place... not surpassing Paris, but it is not without its immense charms.

Rice to Riches rice pudding until may 2, 2010, i have never had rice pudding in my life. some vague recollection tells me that my grandmother made some, at some point, when i was still living at home, but it seems that the consistency looked a little too much like tapioca {gag} pudding for someone with texture issues to even consider trying. but on this fateful day, after eating dinner at Lombardi's Pizzeria on Spring Street, we crossed the road to Rice To Riches. If you've seen the movie Hitch, you may recall two of the characters sitting in this super-hip place eating rice pudding. but the movie is nothing compared to real life.

the rice pudding comes in a whole bevy of flavors, but i couldn't manage to get past the first one i tried, Coast to Coast Cheesecake. then, then put some toasted coconut on top, and to be honest, i didn't even get a photo, because once i started eating this delightful thing, the world all got shiny and pretty, i could hear birds singing, peasants were dancing somewhere down the meadow... you get the picture. i even dreamed about it that night. and sitting here in my kitchen, i am ready to blow off everything i have and go back to NYC to get more. but alas, prudence calls.

Liberty of London scarf about a million years ago, i had sent Ang a link showing that the ultra-cool Liberty of London had hooked up with Target, and the big T was going to sell some of their pretty, pretty stuff. i will admit to being mildly envious, being so far from a Target myself, that Ang would get to see all the joyous, blooming things before me... but alas, my wonderful BFF got me the scarf—this scarf— that was in the article i first sent to her for my birthday! i think that there's only been two or three days since i got it when i haven't worn it, i love it so very much. it is perfectly florally and happy, and for a girl who doesn't normally do florals, and prefers the colors black and grey to all others, you must realize how momentous and perfect this scarf really is.

traveling with my parents it has been well over 20 years since i have been on vacation with my parents. i am self-aware enough to now admit that i wasn't the easiest of teenagers {and by that i mean even into my 20s} to live with. my self-absorption levels were fairly legendary, and, let's be honest, i still have my moments. so, i am sure it must have taken mom and dad some serious thought about braving a vacation with their only daughter. but if they did, they didn't show it, and we have all been super excited, almost since the time we started planning the trip back at Christmas.

i can honestly say that i really do have the super-coolest parents. whether we were climbing the Brooklyn Bridge, getting lost in a park on the way to the Cloisters, or discovering TV stars in Times Square, they had a great time, we laughed SO much, and we made memories to last for years to come. thanks, mom and dad, it was a great trip, and i cannot wait for our next adventure.

speaking of our next adventure, i simply cannot wait to show my parents around Paris. i KNOW they will love it as much as i do.

* * * * *

that's all i have for today. have a blissful weekend. i am getting my hair cut, and with being away, i've missed our saturday evening service, Connections, at PORTICO for two weeks, so i cannot wait for that tomorrow, and then a movie night with my good friend Alicia. see you next week!


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