NYC: Day Two

for a day that got a slow start, it certainly didn't stop us from doing anything!

after we ate a quick breakfast around 10:45 am, we walked south, first hitting a Whole Foods Market to look for TOMS shoes, which they didn't have my size in the ones i wanted, then we went to Barnes and Nobles, where we got caffeinated, then took the short jaunt down to the World Trade Center site.

let me back up for a moment... a little after 8am, i went down to the Starbucks attached to the hotel, to get an Americano. it was already so hot and humid, i knew i was in trouble.

but after looking through the fences, and walking around a bit there, we walked over to Broadway, where we enjoyed St. Paul's Chapel, then a little further down to Trinity Church. Mom was disappointed not to find Nicholas Cage there (from the movie National Treasure), so on we went, exploring the city.

on a very happy note, we did go in to Tiffany's. just walking in the door you cannot help but feel prettier being surrounded by such beautiful things.

being thirsty, we hit a Dean & Deluca within a Borders Bookstore on Broadway, and it was there that we heard that Angie and Todd were on their way to meet us. once they got there, we all headed off to towards the Brooklyn Bridge. it took us a while to find how to get onto the pedestrian walkway, but eventually, we prevailed!

then, the five of us climbed the Brooklyn Bridge, which, i would definitely recommend, should you ever find yourself in NYC. at one point, mom, dad and Todd went a little further down the bridge than the two of us who were having issues with their shoes, so Ang and i sat down on the bridge, and watched people walk past us. at one point, there were so many people that stopped to take a photo right in front of us, i started taking photos of whoever stopped there to snap one of something else. let me just say i have some pretty random photos!

after that trek, we walked back to Broadway, where we parted company with Ang and Todd, and we all went back to our hotel rooms to get ready for dinner. Ang, Todd and i walked to dinner, while mom and dad went back to the hotel so mom could change her shoes, so they took a cab, and, of course, beat us to Lombardi's pizzeria.

we had the funniest meal EVER, and the staff at Lombardi's was excellent and played along perfectly with our madness. after dinner, we went looking for a gelato place, that happened to be closed, so we walked back to the area that Lombardi's was in, crossed the street, and had dessert at Rice To Riches, which sells only rice pudding, but a myriad of different flavors.

all i can say is, for someone who has never had rice pudding before, i have been converted. i am sold. even as i sit and type this in the morning, i want more of their rice pudding. my solace is that it was on the same street as Kate's Paperie, which we will be going to sometime soon... so there may be more rice pudding in my future.

at this point, it was time to walk back to the hotel. we had already done so very much walking, i think had a very large giant showed up with an adult-sized storller, none of us would have hestitated to hop in. we parted with Ang and Todd at their hotel, walked the three blocks to our own, and that was it.

it was a good day. who knows what today will hold...


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