today is my first day back to work after an 11-day vacation.

it's been a good break, even though i didn't get all that i wanted to accomplished. but the truth is, what i really needed, more than anything else, was rest. so in that sense, mission accomplished.

apart from my road trip to Michigan to visit Ang and her family, i did manage to get a few things done...
  • i cleaned my desk, and found things that had been 'missing' for ages.
  • read four and a half books.
  • baked blueberry scones.
  • tried a new recipe.
  • got my hair colored, with the accompanying relaxing massage.
  • bought a digital TV antenna, so now i can watch four stations {way better than the none i was getting!}
  • made some super yummy vanilla bean rice pudding.
  • walked lots {to counteract all the cooking!}.
  • created another design for a Christmas campaign i am working on, and this one i really like!
  • made strawberry jam.
  • wrote some long overdue notes.
so, it wasn't without its action, that's for sure, but it certainly was an enjoyable vacation, even if it was quieter than the last one.

and let me say that the weather was so perfect for me! the cool breezes every day, the perfectly cool evenings, it was like last week was solely created for my enjoyment. i am immensely grateful, and pretty happy to know that i will be spending this week indoors in my well air conditioned office.

oh, and i also created my july desktop calendar...

i hope you have a super day...


Anonymous said...

I love your calendar pic, Suzi! Pretty. Sounds like a wonderful and well deserved vacation. Glad you were able to rest and especially glad you were able to visit! Where's the recipe for that vanilla bean rice pudding?

Love ya,

suzi said...

there's a couple places you can find it, but the one with the best pics in my estimation is http://www.pickycook.com/dessert/vanillabeanricepudding.aspx


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