it is friday. of a long weekend.

{insert sigh of relief here}

since last friday, it has been a very long week of computer issues {not to mention the accompanying meltdown}, reading group, creating a new brochure and campaign in record time, finally getting a new cell phone that actually works, a migraine or two, movie nights, dinner party, freelancing, and so much more.

i am ready for a long weekend.

it's been over a week since i actually observed my morning writing ritual. i miss it, and the feeling of clarity it helps me enter my day with. i am looking forward to reintroducing this, and other pre-craziness rituals back into my life over the next three days.

i do have some plans for the weekend...
  • tonight is movie night with some of the girls. we are watching Julie & Julia, and beforehand, i plan to make a chocolate cream pie, since one cannot watch this movie without getting enormously hungry....
  • tomorrow morning, i would like to visit downtown Oakville, and have coffee at the Green Bean Cafe, as it seems like a lifetime since i was last there. maybe i'll bring my camera...
  • there are some freelance projects that need to be wrapped up.
  • sunday night i'm going to see either Salt or Inception with my friend Chris...
so, there are some things planned for these three glorious days, but what i need most of all is some productive silence, deliberate solitude, focused prayer, unhurried reading, and uncluttered living time. with August, comes the beginning of ministry prep for fall, and all that that entails. i've had a small glimpse into the month, and its magnitude is epic. the best thing i can do is head into the next month emotionally, physically and spiritually prepared for all that lies ahead.

no matter what you find yourself doing this weekend, i hope at the end of it you are rested, refreshed and ready for the days to come.


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