another friend

i admit that i LOVE alanis morissette's music, and her new album, flavors of entanglement is no exception to that rule. one of the things that i love about her, which has been evidenced in her music for years, is that she is on a journey, seeking 'something'. and flavors is no different.

one of her most compelling songs reminds me, lyrics-wise only, of alanis' brilliant, that i would be good. it is called incomplete, and these are some of the lyrics:
ever unfolding
ever expanding
ever adventurous
and torturous
and never done

one day i will speak freely
i'll be less afraid 
And measured outside of my poems and lyrics and art
one day i will be faith-filled
i'll be trusting and spacious authentic and grounded and home

i have been running so sweaty my whole life
urgent for a finish line
and I have been missing the rapture this whole time of being forever incomplete

'the rapture of being forever incomplete'. it's eerie how much this song echoes my own experiences. and sprinkled throughout out the album are phrases that i have actually either said or wrote in recent days.

i think, that even given our differences, if we had the chance, we'd be friends.


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