given the fact that i have been listening to the 'les miserables' soundtrack for a few days in a row now, it is only natural that i've once again got the desire to read the book. that being said, since i do not have it to read, i found a quote by victor hugo online, and it made my heart smile.
"music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent."
i am not an envious person, but i do envy those who can make music. those who can take an instrument and make some beautiful sound emerge from it...who can read and understand music... who can take music and words and weave them into something with such great power and emotion that it makes your heart beat faster, and helps you to see your life in a different way.

and...because everything in life either has a 'friends' quote or rilke poem attached to it, here is another of my favorite of rilke's writings, entitled, to music
Music: breathing of statues. Perhaps:
silence of paintings. You language where all language
ends. You time
standing vertically on the motion of motal hearts.

Feelings for whom? O you the transformation
of feelings into what? --: into audible landscape.
You stranger: music. You heart-space
grown out of us. The deepest space in us,
which, rising above us, forces its way out,--
holy departure:
when the innermost point in us stands
outside, as the most practiced distance, as the other
side of the air:
no longer habitable.


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