it's summer again...and on the weekend i was reminded (by dear, sweet joash) that it was almost a year ago when we 'kicked' the boys out of our small group. so, during our reminiscing, joash came up with the reunion idea...and i think that it is a brilliant one. 

then i got to thinking about what a great and amazing group of people that our small group, past and present is. the girls all know how much i love them... they see me every week. but it's true, i do miss you guys! 

i will forever see you, joash, running around my kitchen in circles for what amounted to no reason whatsoever. i love your sweet spirit, your willingness to allow God to use you, no matter what. i am a better person for knowing you.

and chris martin's, "45...50...55...ANGER!" and who can forget the 'sweet, sweet hands of fate"?! (was that chris or james?!)

i miss chris (drummond)'s 18-part questions that always challenged me more than i wanted to be at that moment (and sometimes more than i wanted to admit), and that you never let any of us off the hook with simple answers. i also miss that great look you would get on your face when you would be the only guy, and one of the girls would say something a little too "girlish"...and how you would look at me as if to say, 'fix it'...and all i did was laugh. :-)

kyle, my mississauga 'brother', when you got home from bible college after your first year, it was so amazing to see how you'd grown...i miss the deep conversations. we are too far apart this year. (too bad taco bell isn't very conducive to theological discussions! maybe we should change that!) and speaking of TB...we need a date soon!

and james... what can i say about you, my friend? no one on the planet has proposed to me so many times, makes me laugh so much, 'hugs' me so long, and whose conversations i always so look forward to. come home soon, i miss you!

in my heart, you all are still part of the group. and when james returns from his 'God Rocks' tour, we are so having a reunion!


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