book review: House of Dark Shadows

When you are 15-years old and your parents decide to move, it’s bad enough. It gets worse if you are an amateur film maker and you move from LA to a small town in the middle of nowhere. But unfortunately, for Xander King, the move is just the beginning…

House of Dark Shadows, the first in the Dreamhouse Kings series, brings you along with the King family as they move to Pinedale. For Xander, the move itself is bad enough. Then, the family finds the ‘perfect’ house, a large, Victorian-era home, hidden from the rest of the world by the trees that surround it. The fact that voices seem to come from all over the house, family members mysteriously appear in different rooms than they were seen moments ago and Xander experiences an unshakeable uneasiness, leave him unsure whether this house is a nightmare, or a filmmaker’s dream.

While the book started off a little slowly, it wasn’t long before I couldn’t put it down. In my opinion, it is the best kind of suspense…keeping you wanting more, while still allowing you to sleep! One caveat, however: when you finally turn the last page of House of Dark Shadows, you will, indeed, feel strangely compelled to pick up book two...


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