i am super tired tonight. and i tried... i REALLY tried to go to bed without writing this, but the questions are killing me.

watching LOST 24 hours after the rest of my world is leaving me dumbfounded and in awe after these emotions have worn off on most everyone else. and the questions... there are always more questions...

is penny dead?
where is desmond?
how did a handcuffed sayid end up on the airplane, and who is the agent with him?
how did hurley hear about the flight?
what happened to the airplane?
where are sun & sayid?
frank?! frank is the pilot of the one plane flying over the right coordinates?!
what happened to aaron, and why did kate decide to go back?
what's with hurley's guitar?
was it charlie's ghost who got him on the plane and did he ask for the guitar?
when did jin become a member of the dharma initiative?
why did eloise hawking not look surprised when desmond told her about her son?
will the light flashes/time changes stop on the island now?
will john come back to life or will jack see his ghost walking the island in his dad's shoes?
what shoes will jack's dad's ghost now wear on the island?
is there some sort of significance to christian's black and white shoes?

i may be a tad obsessed...


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