i don't know about you, but there are a few moments every day, that for me are the epitome of near perfection. they are small moments that make me happy and so grateful for the life that i have been granted.

one such moment is just before i fall asleep, especially when i have the time to enjoy the process. i am not one of those people who put their head on the pillow and find themselves immediately asleep. i've never had such super-human ability, and envy those who have the gift. no, instead, falling asleep for me is a process, usually including a book.

but my very favorite part is just after i've gotten into bed, and the realization that for at least the next however many hours, i have nothing to do but sleep. i find such luxury in that moment. to me, it is pure bliss.

there is another one, that given the fact that it might be considered too much information, i won't mention here. perhaps i will post it in the comments. then it's up to you whether or not you want to take the chance!

but i wonder, what is your favorite moment of the day?

feel free to leave a comment. and if your favorite moment is personal, then feel free to remain anonymous!


Anonymous said...

Waking up to a perfectly still, quiet house watching the sunrise thru the trees in the woods in my backyard.

-Angie S.

süz said...

ooh, that's a good one, ang! thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

sitting down on my couch after a long day with the perfect cup of coffee in hand

hannabelle said...

walking down the city streets at a ridiculously early hour for a placement shift with a comforting cup of coffee in my hand, something about being up so early and the eerie quietness where it's normally so busy. it makes me feel like i'm in control.

...and in 3 more hours i'll be doing just that!


süz said...

i love how both of yours, erynne & hannah have to do with coffee!

and i agree, hannah, i LOVE getting out early, especially now that it's dark.

thanks for sharing your moments!

alicia said...

Finishing a good book and closing the cover with a sense of finality. I think the best part of the moment, is the mixture of accomplishment at having enjoyed something in its entirety AND the sense of anticipation for what I will read next.

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