it's august. the widget on my desktop tells me that there are only 150 days left for me to finish reading 75 books, which means that there are 150 days left to 2010. i know it's easy to talk about how fast life seems to pass by, but it's a mystery to me how some days can take forever to live through, while the months just keep whizzing by.

i had an unplugged sort of weekend. the plan was not to turn my computer on. if something couldn't be done with my phone, it would have to wait until the weekend was over. it was good to eliminate some pressure.
as for all my grand plans... friday's movie night was fun. i didn't make it to oakville on saturday, perhaps next weekend. Inception was a super, mind-bending movie, and as the screen went to black at the end, i actually said, "Are you kidding me?" out loud. i did some reading, made scones, tried a couple new recipes, and got some rest.

and with denying myself the pleasure of blogging and tweeting, i learned a couple things about myself, which i will share another time.

today begins a crazy week. two days of actual work, then two days of Leadership Summit. life, crazy as it may be, is rarely boring, and this week is no exception.

and since it is the beginning of the month, here is this month's desktop calendar...


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