back in December, shortly after we found out about my nephew's illness, i was hanging out with some girls from my small group over dinner. one of them asked me if, during all the madness, i had someone that i could be talk to about how i was feeling. someone i could pour my heart and raw emotions out to honestly.

to say that i am grateful that my unequivocal answer to the question is 'yes', would be a gross understatement.

i have been so much more than blessed by the amazing friends that have not only stood by me spiritually, but also emotionally and physically, through the last crazy month and a half, let alone beyond that.

...the friend who dropped her life and came running from another country when i most needed my closest of friends.

...the friend who, on the night of my Christmas party, dropped everything to come over and finish all that i couldn't through my tears.

...the friend who didn't mind my after midnight call one crazy night over the holidays, when my need to talk to someone about something—anything— trivial and non-emotional was overwhelming.

...the friends who, even though i haven't seen them in way too long, have no idea how much their messages of love and prayers have impacted my life.

...those who let me rant and cry and laugh, and who are not at all surprised that i can do all three of these things at one time. friends who let me not only be myself, but give me the space and safety to express what i am feeling these days.

how one person can be so blessed, amazes me daily.


bellaverita said...

So very grateful for you, my friend!

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