let me...

on the wall above my computer at work i have a card that my mother sent me years ago. this is what it says...
When in doubt, repeat this prayer:

let me change what i can.

let me accept that which i cannot change.

let me ignore that which i cannot change or accept.

let me run away from that which i cannot change, accept, or ignore.

let me lock myself in the bathroom, hold my hands over my ears, and hum about that which i cannot change, accept, ignore or run away from.

let me...
i LOVE this card. it makes me happy. but more importantly, it reminds me how easy it is to go from attempting to face and deal with situations that arise in life, to falling into old traps of avoidance and running away.

i've always been big on running away. since i love traveling, it probably makes sense that my defense mechanism of choice is the one that will take me somewhere else. anywhere else. at any given moment i can tell you five places that i would love to be in a heartbeat.

but the reality is that running away, ignoring, or even locking myself in the bathroom is no way to handle life, no matter how insane it gets. for the most part, even for one who doesn't like confrontation, the best way to face life is head on, with the security of knowing that you don't face it alone.

let me face life with the faith and hope that i know are mine in Jesus...


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