friday is here, and not a moment too soon.

as i've said before, i'm not a TGIF kind of girl. perhaps because i love my job and all the opportunities that come my way during the week, that while weekends are great, they're not usually necessary for survival... just enjoyment.

this weekend, however, finds me tired. weary. the kind of internal exhaustion that makes one actually wish for a cold or even the flu, if only to stay home and sleep for days.

but life rarely stops simply because we're tired. i've got a fairly busy weekend planned. tonight i am meeting the girls in my small group at Starbucks. with my extended Christmas vacation, i haven't got to see these girls since we met for dinner in early December. it will be good to catch up with these amazing young women.

tomorrow morning i am heading downtown for my favorite beauty ritual—hair color and hand massage–at the Aveda Academy. good times. afterwards, i'll probably stop off at the St. Lawrence market to pick up some yummy things, like asparagus and garlic, and use them to make dinner tomorrow night.

sunday after church, i have my usual 'coffee and set the world straight' date with a good friend, and then, the good part. originally i was thinking of having some friends over to watch the Screen Actors Guild awards, but the lure of getting into my pajamas at noon on Sunday for the glorious rest of the day is just too darn strong.

during this beautiful, blissful Sunday afternoon, i plan to nap, read, write a few letters, and generally do nothing more strenuous than deciding which book i will get to enjoy. {right now, i'm thinking it will be The Book Thief, which i am reading for the second time, but that is subject to change.}

i hope you have a delightful weekend, whatever you find yourself doing.


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