on my mind...

is it just me, or do long weekends seem to go by extraordinarily quickly?

regardless, it's tuesday, a new week, and while i had big plans for the last weekend, unfortunately, i was under the weather for a good part of it, and am still attempting to fight off whatever this actually is.

i hate the in-between. not quite feeling like my usual self, yet not sick enough to be home asleep in my comfy, warm bed. somewhere between café Americanos and chicken noodle soup.

it seems like i am always in the in-between.

some days it feels like i am perpetually 12-year old suzi... old enough to not be a child and 'know better', but still not quite a teenager.

all that aside, there are a few things on my mind today, and i thought i'd share them with you...

One Thousand Gifts | this beautiful book by Ann Voskamp has been the perfect companion for these late winter days. just go get it, you won't be sorry.

coconut M&Ms | i discovered these gems while in michigan a couple weekends back, and only bought one little bag, not knowing how i would love, love, love them. this morning, as i got to my office, there were three glorious bags of them sitting on my desk waiting for me. i have good friends.

le jardin du Luxembourg, Paris | it has been 1055 days since i have been in Paris, and am missing the place my heart calls home. in both my office and home i have a map of the city hanging on walls, and every time i look at it, my eyes naturally go to the spot of green that is the jardin du Luxembourg, a beautiful park on the left bank, not far from the hotel that i call home while in Paris. inside that park is a fountain and small pool of water that i would love to be sitting next to right this very minute. the Medici Fountain {shown right} is one of the best places to sit and think in the world. even though it isn't far from the madness of the Boulevard St. Michel, the noisy traffic seems to melt away and leaves you sitting in this timeless place, with a feeling that in that moment, anything is possible.

what fun we could have sitting there together, solving all the problems in the world... or just people watching.

that's all that is on my mind today. have a beautiful day.


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