“I travel a lot; I hate having my life disrupted by routine.” —Caskie Stinnett
this quote pretty much explains how i used to feel about routine. whenever possible, i would take a different way in to work. i refused to be nailed down to traditional meal times. a career change took me from the banker's hours of a job at a credit union to a retail store position, and loved that my schedule changed every day, not to mention every week. basically, routine was pretty much a four letter word.

but i'm feeling different about it these days.

since getting home after almost a month with my family, i have been struggling to get back to even the most basic of schedules. from the time i wake up, right on through until the time i go to bed, i am pretty universally routine-deprived right now.

and now, it needs to stop.

i know myself well enough to know that if i begin to put too many rules in effect, that i won't do anything. so i need to work within my own limitations, and sell myself the benefits of doing the things that i know i should be doing, instead of simply saying, "do it!"

{does anyone else play mind games with themselves? does it actually work?}

so much of my day is lost if i waste the morning away, so it is important that i start things off right. but it's not even so easy as actually getting up the first time the alarm breaks into my sleep. it's going to bed on time. and making sure that the kitchen is clean before that, and the table is cleared of all distractions, and my life journal, bible and morning pages notebook are where i can find them. and my lunch is made and ready to take to work. and...

you get the picture.

so, tonight, while i do my much-neglected laundry, i will turn up Charlotte Martin's new CD {which you should totally get, by the way}, and i will get some organization and new routine-making happening in my little world.

who knows? by next week, i may be unstoppable...


Anonymous said...

My dear, delightful, unstoppable Suzi,

You are so BLESSED cute! Just had to tell you ...

I totally agree that the entire day feels like a waste if the morning is idled away. I'm with you: routine can be very beneficial. Getting the details just right is the hard part, but it's worth the work and perseverance.

Holding you close in thought and prayer. I can tell that your soul is well, and I am glad.

Love you,
Hilda ♡

susanne said...

thank you for your kind words, Hilda. this morning was a bit of a write off, but i'm heading in the right direction.

thank you for your prayers.

love to you...


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