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i think too much about waiting.

truth be told, i've never really been a good wait-er. {a brief stint waitressing proved that i wasn't much good at that either.} the every day, constant waiting that we all do, i don't have so much of a problem with that. perhaps it is the advent of the Kobo in my life, and the beauty of carrying around hundreds of books with me wherever i go, that has alleviated that.

but i'm talking about big waiting.

...waiting for dreams to come true.

...waiting for change, both in and around me.


what i seem to forget that none of these big things i am waiting for will actually happen unless my waiting is a time of active participation. unless i work towards the dream, practice the spiritual disciplines that will create the change, all my waiting will be for nothing.

today, once again, i am embracing the waiting, seeing it for the incubation period that it is. knowing that the seeds i plant today will yield fruit in another season.

as always, my job is to be faithful...


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