the power of suggestion is really so much more potent that i usually give it credit for.

this weekend i was graced with a visitor, my dear friend angie, from michigan. she made the long trek north, in spite of the insane, arctic cold that awaited her, and we got to spend saturday together. we did some of the things that we usually do together, and some new ones, mostly due to the cold!

there is something so comfortable in a friendship that has lasted almost 20 years. angie has seen me at some of my worst moments, has listened to some of the stupidest things i've ever uttered, and has heard me confess some of my darkest secrets... and still she remains my friend. still, whenever we get together, regardless of how long it's been, i know we will laugh, we will share our lives and struggles, and at the end of the day, when we part, i know i will love her more than i did before.

angie is comfort food for my soul.

and since we are on the topic of comfort food, while walking around yorkdale mall, we wandered into williams sonoma {we both have small addictions to cooking stores... the difference between us is that angie actually cooks!}, and came across this. now, on a normal day, i am susceptible to the lure of comfort foods. but on a blustery, arctic, minus-a-million-degrees-with-windchill day, the idea of hot, yummy sloppy joes is just too much for this human girl to handle.

so, tonight i made myself a sloppy joe for dinner. and let me tell you, it was plenty yummy.

what are your comfort foods, for both your soul, and your tummy?


Anonymous said...

comfort food for my tummy can be almost anything sweet. but right now, i'm thinking of a tripple grande non-fat extra hot white mocha with a chocolate chunk cookie from Starbucks, and combine that with some old skool motown tunes and we've got comfort all around.--erynne

Kathy said...

heehee! I know angie! :-)

Anonymous said...

Right back at you, my sweet friend!

Your sloppy joe sure looks yummy. For me anything sweet qualifies as comfort food, I don't discriminate, as you well know. Perhaps nothing can beat a chocolate chip cookie still warm from the oven - chips still melty and oozing chocolaty goodness.


Hi Kathy!

Anonymous said...

i've spent time pondering this. at first, chocolate, that is my comfort. but, then as anyone knows, chocolate is a food group, therefore, not something special, but really, something rather mundane and pedestrian. Then I went to starch, my next favourite thing in the world, in any of the forms: pasta; potatoes; rice; bread; cake; muffins; risotto; couscous (you get the idea). Again, though, this is a daily event. Comfort food is something unique, pulled out in those emergency situations when only ice cream will do.

Alicia said...

On a cold winter day, much like today, there's something comforting about a cafe au lait in an oversized mug and a slice of rich chocolate mousse cheesecake. A bowl of chili with a side of garlic bread is a close second. As for comfort food for the soul, a familiar movie, perusing an old photo album, or laying across a friend's bed chatting while they clean their room or complete a similarly mundane task is reassuring. Alternatively, they could be laying across my bed while I do something equally ordinary.

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