friday i'm in love

okay, so maybe i'm not actually in love, but the cure's 'friday i'm in love' was the only song i could think of with the word friday in the title. i'm sure there are others, but i couldn't think of one... especially one by a band as super-awesome as the cure!

anyway, it's friday night. i'm home, and as usual, i am tired.

today, for our new website, we put together a list of 16 questions that each staff member will answer to serve as their bio. for the most part, they are relatively easy. but the one i am torn about asks, 'what is my greatest challenge?' the rub comes not in not knowing an answer, but struggling between two!

i really cannot decide if my greatest struggle is:
  • getting out of my own way, or
  • being content.

the more i think about it, the more i go back and forth. craziness.

what is your biggest challenge?


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