what are you reading?

this is not a newsflash: i like books.

actually, that is an understatement...i don't just like books, i like looking at books, i like the smell of paper, like seeing books stacked on a table or on the bookcase...oh, and yes, i like reading them.

2008, regardless of whatever else it held, was a great book year for me. it introduced me to cecelia ahern, and when i finish reading her latest book, which i got for christmas, i will have read everything she's published. {note to cecelia: please write faster.} also, on one gloomy saturday in october, i read the whole of sundays at tiffany's, one of my favorite books of the year. jane austen was pretty prevalent in my reading this year, although she didn't write all the books i read about her & her writing. ian morgon cron introduced me to the world of saint francis of assisi, and last but not least, i have fallen in love with a book thief.

and that was just the fiction.

francis chan has {and still is} challenging me beyond belief. reading about the wild goose has helped me better see the areas that i've been stuck in, and still tend to get stuck. i was reminded that God still loves the french. and as carryovers from last year, i am learning how food and the city can help me grow closer to God.

realizing that not everyone sees books as i do, as friends that i have the privilege of knowing and spending time with, i still have to ask...
...what are you reading?
...do you have reading goals for this year?
my reading goal this year is that for ever piece of fiction that i read, i will read at least one non-fiction work. this should help even things out in the genre department.

you'll have to excuse me. all this book talk is making me want to do a little reading...


Alicia said...

Sadly my reading list is currently very short. I thoroughly enjoyed The Book Thief over the holidays, I am being challenged by Crazy Love, and have recently been very entertained by The Sex Lives of Cannibals; a travel memoir which is neither about sex nor cannibals.

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