it's friday, and it's raining. today as i sat at my desk, i could look beyond the monitor, and see the rain hit the new parking lot in waves. as long as i'm indoors, i like it when it's windy as it rains. it's almost as if the drops take on combined form... no longer simple, individual drops just falling towards the earth. banded together, they are a force to be reckoned with.

we humans are much the same. left on our own, it's too easy to simply fall into a pattern of existing, simply falling towards our eventual destination. unchecked, we can allow habits and patterns into our lives that will never allow us reach our goals. we can waste untold hours sitting in front of a computer or a television or a movie screen. we can miss hearing, or sharing, words of encouragement and love that could provide much-needed sustinance.

left alone, it is hard to be the people we are called to be.

for this reason, i am so grateful for the friends and family who regularly encourage me, share their lives, laugh with me, and even occasionally kick my butt when i need it.

without you all, i am fairly certain that i wouldn't even like me!


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