time to vacate

i am on vacation.

and not just any vacation... a NOTHING vacation. apart from a visit from a friend and one appointment, i have no actual plans for the next nine days.

this could not come at a better time. it's been almost three years since my last vacation that did not include a missions trip, a brother's wedding, christmas or mom's stint with cancer. it's been a long time, and i am ready to vacate.

there are a number of things that i would like to do, including visit the new AGO (which i cannot believe i haven't done yet), get to oakville to visit with a friend, get back in the morning writing habit, and read about a million books.

it may not be paris, but i am looking forward to this nonetheless...


hannabelle said...

That's a sweet vacation...a lot of people nowadays don't seem to know what 'taking a break' really means. Including me. It's been a week without school and I'm getting antsy...trying to find something to be busy with. I don't think I really know how to relax.

Anyway, thought you might like to know, Wednesday afternoons after 4pm are free at the AGO!

Judy said...

the simple life....hmmmmm....my grandfather used to say that this generation will have a difficult time to sense God. He said these new "gadgets" will keep us from knowing God because we have so much clutter and distractions in our lives. He said it was easier to serve God without all the commodities....no electricty, no cars, no phones....he would shake his head when I would say that these new things are to make our lives simpler.....now that he is gone to his reward, I know that he was right.....I know that for me, I need to be careful not to get caught up in all of this. "God, help me to be caught up and away so that I can live a simple life with You. More than anything, I want to know You and hear You."


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