everything i need

for a girl who struggles with contentment, there is always something else. something more. something remembered. couple that with a perceived superpower of thinking i can go to the grocery store and remember everything without a list, trust me, it is a recipe for disaster.

i have been to the grocery store three times this week in an effort to get everything i needed for today's easter dinner. then, last night, i realized that i was missing two key ingredients, without which, the cake would have been covered only with icing sugar. not the dessert experience i was going for. (fortunately alicia rode in on a white horse and brought me thing missing ingredients!)

on a non-grocery note, there are days when my discontentment rules me, and all i can think about are the things that i don't have. things i always thought i would have, but, for whatever reason, they have not made it to my life. if left unchecked, this mindset can lead to some bad decisions, ranging from the mildly ridiculous to the the epically stupid.

and then easter rolls around. easter, when we are reminded that the reason our Savior needed to die was because we could never have paid the cost to stand in a holy God's presence on our own. that despite all the gifts, talents, charisma, money or anything else we may possess, it is simply not enough, and no matter how hard we work or try, it will never be enough.

but Jesus, with his unprecedented sacrifice, was enough. no more, no less than what we all needed to cover the nakedness of sin that was exposed long ago in the garden called Eden. Jesus was everything we could possibly need.

everything I need.

and for someone struggling to be content, this is exactly what i need to remember...


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